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About practitioner


Yusuke Ono L.Ac., L.Bs.,

【License】 *NAET Official Practitioner *Licensed Bone Setter *Licensed Acupuncturist *Licensed Moxibustionist(Cauterization) *Licensed Anma, Shiatsu, and Masseur *Licensed OTC drugs seller *Chiropractor (Diploma) *TRT Official Practitioner *Auriculotherapy Official Practitioner *B/S Spange Official Practitioner

About NAET


Please check official website “NAET USA ” first.


Details Fees
1st visit Counseling Regular Treatment 10,000yen
After 2nd visit Regular Treatment 6,000yen
Passport A book of 5 tickets A book of 10 tickets 28,000yen 54,000yen

※Above fees are excluding tax ※The fee of 1st visitation is including fee for first counseling and examination ※The fee of 1st visitation is also including NAET Guide Book and Gate massager machine ※You will be able to purchase a book of 5/10 tickets, after 2nd visitation

※A book of 5/10 tickets expires within 6 month.


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